Nutmeg Bushcraft

Welcome to Nutmeg Bushcraft. A source for information, gear reviews, and philosophical tidbits relating to fieldcraft (bushcraft), outdoor skills, wilderness travel, and life in general.


Nutmeg Bushcraft was started with the purpose of providing information on general Bushcraft and Survival topics, and information on gear or kit specific to wilderness or IMG_1461backcountry travel.

My philosophy is simple, to provide straightforward information to those who seek greater insight on wilderness travel, with relevant information allowing them to not just survive, but to thrive in the wilderness.  Also, we need to use and safe guard our green spaces and cherish them. Our green spaces are there for us to partake of and engage with Mother Nature.  Learning how to thrive in the wilderness allows us to enjoy the experience, while leaving the smallest footprint possible – Leave No Trace.

A little bit about me!!

I have enjoyed the outdoors for all of my life. Whether it was fishing or hunting with my dad when I was a youngster, backpacking Mount Washington and doing a 50 Miler as a Scout, trekking the Alps in Southern Bavaria during 10th SF Group’s Platoon Confidence Training, or trekking up Mount Katahdin with a group of clients, I have always felt at peace and one with nature.

While still serving in the Army National Guard as an AGR Soldier, I started Western Mass. Outdoor Adventures with a battle-buddy in 1990.  In 1991, I was the founding President of Western Mass. Outdoor Adventures Hiking Club. Our philosophy [Untitled] (1) was “hiking for everyone, regardless of experience level”.  Western Mass. Outdoor Adventures Hiking Club was formed by a good friend and used to meet at his backpacking store in West Springfield Massachusetts. The club remains to this day as the Pioneer Valley Hiking Club in Westfield Massachusetts.

Throughout my 25 year career in the Army as an Infantryman, I had the opportunity of attending various military courses that helped me to hone my skills, and fan the flames of my passion for the outdoors. As an instructor at the U.S Army Infantry School I found my niche and fostered my desire to share my knowledge of the outdoors as it related to the life of an Infantryman in the field. Whether teaching land navigation, leadership, survival, military mountaineering, or small unit tactics, I was at home in the field, “bush”.

KNIFE_EDGEWith the birth of my twin boys, came a new chapter in my outdoor/wilderness experience. Sharing what I knew about the outdoors with them was the most rewarding thing I have done. As they grew into the Scouting Program, I followed along as a Scout Leader and mentor to their Troop’s Venture Program.  Now, as a granddad, I can’t wait until the day when my grandson and I are taking our first trip into the woods!


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