Taking a piece of wood in hand, observing its grain, its smell, and its texture is the first step towards achieving one’s goal, a spoon carved from scratch.  It is also the first step towards realizing a true sense of inner peace and harmony.

Spoon carving is perhaps one of the most celebrated bushcraft skills touted by experienced crafters. The ability to craft tools from scratch is a skill that not only brings a certain level of satisfaction, but also has the ability to bring serenity to one’s mind. Spoon carving IMG_1862requires focus and patience. It requires the carver to visualize the end result before removing the first piece of wood. When carving, all other distractions are held at bay. One’s entire being is focused on the piece of wood in one hand and the knife in the other. You become totally engrossed in the moment, and lose yourself in the task. Even time seems to stop.

Spoon carving allows you to experience, at some level, the life of an early pioneer, explorer, or woodsman; gaining a realization of just how totally self-reliant they needed to be in order to meet all of their needs. It also gives you a sense of what is practical and a view of “simpler times”. In the wild, there is no need of elaborate tablewareIMG_1865. A roughly carved spoon and fork, partnered with your knife, and you can prepare and eat any type of bush meal.

Your end result doesn’t need to be perfection, it only needs to be usable. Knowing this takes away any stress you may have if you have never carved anything before. If you are starting out, you only need two things. A good piece of soft dry wood. Spruce, pine or cedar will work nicely. And you need a good sharp knife. The knife I recommend is a Mora Classic 1.  It is a scandi grind knife and it fits comfortably in your hand. The scandi grind of the Mora Classic allows for easy control when making your cuts and it is easy to maneuver when making curved cuts. For spoons, though not required, you may want to have a Mora 164 Spoon Knife to help scoop out the bowl of the spoon.

So find some wood, get your knife, and start carving you can do it!