Welcome to Nutmeg Bushcraft & Survival!

Thanks for taking the time to come along with me on my journey into the woods and share with you my insights and philosophy of bushcraft, survival, and life in general. Our goal is simple, to share knowledge and learn from others, as I feel there is always more to learn.  In taking the path less travelled, I have experienced and learned many things and the time has come to share them with like-minded folks, who also subscribe to the “all who wander are not lost” way of thinking.

For me, calling oneself an expert  closes the door on learning, soIMG_1466 I consider myself to be a practitioner in the realm of bushcraft and survival. I am always in a learning mindset.  On this site, we will discuss many different topics ranging from gear reviews, philosophy, tips and techniques, and share our wilderness adventures.  As with anything in life, there are differing viewpoints on any given subject. Opinions are as numerous as the stars. With this in mind, I welcome dialogue, discussion, and contrary viewpoints. As an educator, I foster in my students critical thinking and what I call intellectual debate. I welcome debate that is backed up with evidence; evidence that can then be researched by others. In this way, we all learn.

The gear reviews that will be posted will be on pieces of kit/gear that I have used at least for six months. From time to time, I may do an unboxing to introduce you to a new piece of gear/kit. A complete review will follow in about six months after it has been taken through its paces. The information provided in the review is there to do with as you see fit. There are many considerations that go into making a decision to buy a piece of gear/kit. My goal is to provide you with information so you can make a more informed decision.

Again, thanks for taking time to come along! Now, let’s get into the woods!